Curriculum Vitae

Represented by artworks at the

Flexus Belasystem, Nossebro, Sweden

Moscow Museum of Money Moscow, Russia

Teater Giljotin, Stockholm, Sweden

Gallery Cogito, Faculty of Philosophy at Moscow University
Moscow, Russia

Kronshtadt History Museum, Kronshtadt, Russia

Copelouzos Family Art Museum, Athens, Greece

Member of Studio 44

The Chairman for  DUO Contradiction


shame… a total interactive installation in collaboration with Arik Weismann.

Sound: Tymur Skorobenko (Subprodukt) 


Stockholm, Sweden

AprilGagarin Party in colabiration with Jinete de Plata

#ArtWindowAtFridhemsplan by DUO Contradiction

Stockholm, Sweden

NovemberEXPECTED Sight-specific exhibition for #ArtWindowAtFridhemsplan gallery for DUO ContradictionStockholm
OctoberCurating 20 Aniversary Exhibition at Studio44 with 85 artists participating.Stockholm
January – SeptemberOut of the Woods Sight-specific Public Art for Flexus BelasystemsNossebro,
Västra Götaland,
AugustParticipating in the “To be a plant” Exhibition. Curators Nadezda Voinova, Lena Sabinova and  Veronika Rudyeva-RyazantsevaNarva
JuneParticipating with a public art object UnBedded at Ränntil – art exhibition by Norrtälje Konsthall. Curator Anna ViolaNorrtälje
JuneParticipating and co-curating the UDDA exhibition with the “Cross-Science project” at Studio44Stockholm
June – JulyBKN Artistic Residency with project DistanceBjörkö
MayMasterclass in Performance Art at Uppsala Art Museum’s performance festival REVOLVEUppsala
AprilParticipating with This is a Word performance in  Ordinary Day Film Festival, Studio44Stockholm
AprilPersonal exhibition with a jewelry project: TimeLess at 125kvadratStockholm
MarchParticipating as an invited artist in Open Talk Ursinne: Where is our Rage? at WeldStockholm
MarchParticipating in FOLK I SKÄRHOLMEN yearly exhibition Skärholmens VårsalongStockholm Sweden
FebruaryParticipating with ANXIETY at Studio44 exhibition INSOMNIAStockholm
November “The Beggar” and exhibition“Nowhere to go” at Östra Gymnasiet produced by Kulturföreningan Lyktan Stockholm Sweden
November Performance “THIS IS THE WORD 3.0” Central station, Stockholm Stockholm Sweden
October Performance “THIS IS THE WORD 2.0” at Kapsylens Husfest Stockholm Sweden
September Participating in Rtveliashvili International Performance Festival with the performance “THIS IS THE WORD” in cooperation with Rikard Fåhreus and Vladimir Kozin Tbilisi Georgia
September Curating and participating in the exhibition COMMUNICATION 2.0, Gallery Studio44 Stockholm Sweden
August Participating in the exhibition UTAN SKINN, Gallery Rostrum  Malmö Sweden
August Curating and participating in the exhibition COMMUNICATION 1.0, Gallery Borei Sank Peterburg Russia
June Participating in KAOS exhibition at Studio44 Stockholm Sweden
June Curating auktion ART FOR UKRAINE ORDRONT Stockholm Sweden
May Participating in SUPERMARKET 2022 Stockholm Sweden
March Curating auktion ART FOR UKRAINE Stockholm Sweden
December Curating exhibition of DUO Contradiction artists “Livets Fest”, Teater Giljotin Stockholm Sweden

Performance “THIS IS THE WORD 3.0” Central station, Stockholm

Stockholm Sweden
October Participating in members’ exhibition at Studio44 I Paint Therefore I Am

Stockholm Sweden
August General for SUPERMARKET Fest at SUPERMARKET 2021 Stockholm Sweden
August Participating in Juxtapose Art Fair as a part of Studio 44 contribution with Lika – Goddess of rich and Expencieve Århus Denmark
April Exhibition #UKRAINA30 together with Eugene Wolynsky #ArtWindowAtFridhamsplan in the Gallery of DUO Contradiction Stockholm Sweden
April Participating in An Ordinary Day Film Festival with Telepathy Stockholm Sweden
Mars Personal exhuibition “Sur” at Gallery Grip. Stockholm Sweden
Mars Members exhibition FEBER I Studio44 Stockholm Sweden
Mars Exhibition “Art on the edge” Folk i Skärholmen Gallery Stockholm Sweden
January Exhibition Foor Rooms -four separate exhibitions at  Studio 44. My part “Portrait Gallery” Stockholm Sweden
December Exhibition “Vision” in the project of DUO Contradiction #ArtWindowAtFridhemsplan Stockholm Sweden
November DUO Contradiction started with Ekaterina as one of the grounders Stockholm Sweden
October Exhibition “Öppen i förhållande till Stängd” with “Obervervation of an observer” in  Studio 44  Stockholm Sweden
September Public art object UnAttached for KAJKO 2020 Stockholm Sweden
August Exhibition “Distance” with The Antidistance in  Studio 44  Stockholm Sweden
June Exhibition “Saknade Delar” with The Eye of the Beholder in  Studio 44  Stockholm Sweden
March Exhibition 9Mars with  silver objects of The Eye of the Beholder in  Ground Solianka  Moscow Russia
January Became a member of Studio 44 Stockholm Sweden
July Participated and co-curator of A Theorem Exhibition Stockholm Sweden
July Represented in the Copelouzos Family Art Museum in the project 35×35 by The Evening View Athen Greece
June A publicart obect AVOSKA made for an ecofestival  KRONFEST Kronstadt Russia
September Participating in Light installation TIMELESS Curator Barbara Steiff. Project by UNESCO

Saragans Swiss
July Public Art Object HyperCube Polevskoy Russia
July Public Art Object Eclipse Polevskoy Russia
July Curating festival of sculptures made in metal scrap LomoSphere Polevskoy Russia
January Das Boot Project. Personal exhibition in The Cube Gallery. Part of the Bon Voyage exhibition Goa India
June Participated in exhibition UNDANTAGET with wroten work “Manifest” Curator: Martin Schibli Köpingsvik Sweden
September Participated in the exhibition Windows with the work Da Da Vinci. Curators: Anna Russova and Michail Sidlin Moscow Russia
October Curating project of the Parallel program of 7th Moscow Biennale “Yearning for the Sky” and participating with Elena(Kolenka) Rammi  with “Out of the Window” Moscow Russia
September Participated in Vth Baltic Biennal of Contemporary Art  Curators: Dmitriy Pilikin and Danita Pushkareva. Installation Da Da Vinci. Sankt Peterburg Russia
September Spec Project in 6th Moscow Biennal of Contemporary Art PANOPTICUM Curators: Elena Shapovalova and Elena Komarenko. Photo installation A SECOND. Moscow Russia
September Spec Project in 6th Moscow Biennal of Contemporary Art CENTER OF A POINT IS ASIDE. Two sculptures Moscow Russia
September Curator and one of the performance artists of the First International Performance Festival  PER FORM Stockholm Sweden
Mars Photos of my Jewellery on Exhibition “Предметный разговор” Project Fabrica, curator S. Dzinkavich Moscow Russia
May Exhibition “For the Starters” in the ArtTen Gallery together with Elena Rammi and Ludmila Christeeva Stockholm Sweden
April Video-art installation Telepathy shown in Public-Art Festival Can Krasnodar Ryssland
April Patent Num: 2546946  registered in Russia for the discovery of a new form of filigree production Sankt Peterburg Russia
November Participating at Project of Tatiana Antoshina’s project “Museum of a Woman” at  Dukley European  Art  Community Budva Montenegro
October Project “Room without the number” together with Andriy Bazyuta (Ukraine) at Jugociania – part of the Dukley European  Art  Community Budva Montenegro
July Street Performance The Beggar Stockholm Sweden
August Video-Art Project Telepathy at “High-Touch” Exhibition in CSI Sokol Moscow Russia
September 4Eyes art-residency project in Gallery Typography Krasnodar Russia
September Object “Wings for the dinosaurs” at “ZOO-ZOO” Project for Parallel Program of the IV Moscow Biennale of Young Art in Darwin’s Museum. Curator: Sergey Katran Moscow Russia
January Video-Art Project Telepathy for the exhibition at Dadaist festival Dauerbierselung curator Barbara Steiff San Jose Costa Rica
January Performance “PassPort” together with Zurab Rtviliashvili at Theatre Giljotin Stockholm Sweden
January Photo-Object Gestures presented in First Israeli Biennale of Graphic Art, curator E. Shipicina Moscow Russia
February Nomination exhibition for the Shortlist for the Art Award of Kurehin, 2012, project InTime (St Peterburg) Sankt Peterburg Russia
June Nomination for the Lomonosov Art Award of Moscow State University for InTime (Moscow) Moscow Russia
September Nomination for the Lomonosov Art Award of Moscow State University for InTime (Moscow) Moscow Russia

A sculpture object and installation Archetypes of a subconscious in Public Art Festival ArtBat Fest. Curator Daria Pyrkina Almaty Kazakhstan
September A sculpture object and installation The Couch of a Psychoanalyst in the exhibition about Autism «Surface» at Exhibition Center Loft. Curator Liza Sankt Peterburg Russia
December Video Art Project Telepathy for the exhibition at Sargans Schloss “The Legends of Time”. Curator: Barbara Steiff. Sargans Switzeland
December Object Conquest at a special project for the Fifth Moscow Biennial “Uchronia” at the Moscow Museum of Architecture. Moscow Russia
May Object Conquest at the exhibition “Napoleon 2012″. Curator: A. Magalashvili Sankt Peterburg Russia
May Underground Farytails project at Public Art Festival(catalog) Almaty Kazakhstan
September Partisipating at Dada Haus Cabaret Voltaire, Spiegelgasse Zürich with Telepathy Curator Barbara Steiff Zürich Switzerland
October Object Gestures at Baltic Biennale 2012 (catalog) Sankt Peterburg Russia
December InTime (Moscow) (catalog) in project Factory together with Sergey Katran. Curator: Vitalij Patsyukov. Moscow Russia
December Object Gesturesat exhibition “Anonymous”(catalog) PERMM Museum, Curator: Marat Guelman Perm Russia
May Participating in Dada Zürich Cabaret Voltaire Spiegelgasse 1 Curator Barbara Steiff with vide-art Telepathy

San Jose Costa Rica
May Participating in the Exhibition of 6 international female artists in Edsviks Konsthall “Stalker” Stockholm Sweden
July Exhibition  InTime (St.Peterburg)  at Library and Cultural Center in honor of Mayakovski together with Sergey Katran. produced by AlGallery. Curator: Dmitry Pilikin Sankt Peterburg Russia
September Solo Exhibition “Time” Gallery Monaco. Curator Liza Savina Sankt Peterburg Russia