A total interactive  video-art installation

in collaboration with Arik Weismann
Sound: Tymur Skorbenko (Subprodukt)

The Project Room at Studio44, Stockholm, March 2024

Shame is an unpleasant self-conscious emotion often associated with negative self-evaluation; motivation to quit; and feelings of pain, exposure, distrust, powerlessness, and worthlessness.

An internal dialogue that never stops for a minute is one of the forms of communication between a person and the surrounding society. We constantly check the unwritten rules of social norms to comply with them or resist them, depending on the role that we at that moment try to occupy in it.
This constant ego-centered conversation, although sometimes unconsciously, happens to everyone. Even hermitage presupposes reflection on the abandoned society. Being a permanent member, we feel like the center of everyone’s attention in the form of condemnation or approval of our external image.

The slightest flaw, noticeable only to us, causes us to experience an attack of bashful shock, a complex “unfounded center of public opinion.”
But usually, no one cares about us.

shame... Studio44 Arik Weismann, Tymur Skorobenko, Ekaterina Sisfontes

Arik Weismann (Germany)

The amazing video art project by Arik was the most important interactive part of the project.

His intuitive way of working with the computer contra part was essential to reaching everyday people’s inner struggles and fears.

Tymur Skorbenko (Ukraina)

without the ambient sound of real streets people passing by the project would never be able to become reality for the audience.

The amazing Noise-performance Tymur had on the Finissage of the project became epic by the participation of visitors.

shame... Studio44 Arik Weismann, Tymur Skorobenko, Ekaterina Sisfontes
shame... Studio44 Arik Weismann, Tym

The confluence of science and art has fascinated me throughout my career. For the last seven years, I have developed a body of work inspired by atmospheric physics, computer vision, video mapping spatial augmented reality, and social digital media. I strive to create artworks that enable viewers to observe and interact with natural processes. 

I am less interested in creating an alternative reality than in capturing it through my art, aka, the mysteries in the world surrounding us all. 

Arik Weismann

Where it all began. Nvlk upd: it was one of the first noise parties organized by @jaroslav kačmars’kyj, performed by Edward Sol, and our Norwegian friend Sindre Bjerga, She then formed protosubproduct, which was called Subprodukt & friends, but so she was a little wrong subprodukkt / subproduk.

We gave a sound system with an old transistor TV, a broken dynamo flashlight, an old Soviet video sport console, korgs, smartphones, didjeridu, farts, whistles, dileya, as without them. Fucked on the pipes of rebar and threw the pipes from the ventilation. Consecrated bunkermuz, which still then and wasn’t bunkermuzю

Tymur Skorbenko