Out of the Woods

Sight-specific public art object

Made for Flexus Belasystem

Nossebro, Västra Götaland, Sweden, 2023
Out Of the Woods, Public Art, Ekaterina Sisfontes

In the windswept and flat expanse of Västra Götaland, where autumn sheds its forest cover, revealing the world in anticipation of snowfall, stands the small town of Nossebro. Nestled in the smallest municipality of Sweden, Essunga, one villa’s owners sought a connection with the world without completely enclosing themselves.

Upon my initial visit, inspired by the surroundings, I proposed a unique idea to the villa’s owner, Bo Ansbjer, who also owns a waste disposal machine factory, Flexus Belasystem. The concept was to craft a herd of forest creatures, immortalized in Corten Steel, strategically placed along the villa’s property, creating a living fence with gaps showcasing the metal sculptures’ beauty.

Bo embraced the idea, recognizing the durability of Corten Steel, which rusts only on the surface, avoiding internal erosion. The collaboration unfolded over seven visits to Bo’s factory, creating a magnificent herd—a trio of colossal moose,  three regal deer, seven graceful fallow deer, and their seven adorable offspring. The sculptures, each cast in concrete, were unveiled along the road in October 2023.

Simultaneously, we repurposed iron sheets from the factory to fashion a natural fence on another side of the property. The ongoing project sees the animals, grouped in lifelike clusters, seamlessly integrated into the natural environment, a testament to the harmonious intersection of art, nature, and industry.