The Eye Of The Beholder

Silver objects, Photos, Digital-print
Each photo A2
Limited edition by 5

Our view of ourselves and those around us often matches society’s judgments, but this issue goes beyond just how we see ourselves. Over time, we’ve noticed increasing similarities not only between us and our dogs, but also with our chosen partners. Similarly, children often resemble their parents, sometimes without intending to. Still, a nagging question remains: “Where do we draw the line between how we present ourselves outwardly and our true inner selves?” Right now, this idea has taken shape in 21 different art pieces. Each artwork represents a specific aspect of our bodies, aspects that modern society often tries to change through methods like managing weight, surgeries, or cosmetic enhancements. These attempts aim to fit in with either public standards or personal ideals. Created carefully by Ekaterina Sisfontes, these art pieces are made from Sterling silver. Together, they come together to show the complex relationship between how we see ourselves and how others see us.