Ekaterina Sisfontes

The Art becomes a form of Science,
and the Life becomes a Dream

Ekaterina Sisfontes photo by Cato Lein
Ekaterina Sisfontes by Cato Lein

Artist Statement

Engaged in the meticulous examination of universal theories governing our perceptible reality, I meticulously scrutinize and deconstruct paradigms, delving into the intricacies and perceptual fallibilities inherent in human cognition. Fundamental pillars of understanding, such as temporality, spatial dimensions, and the bedrock principles of the physical realm, replete with their attendant mathematical underpinnings, serve as my muse, inciting a rigorous empirical investigation and subsequent refutation.

Analogously, the terrain of human emotions and interpersonal dynamics, both with external entities and the self, remains a perennial subject of inquiry demanding perpetual recalibration. The societal imposition upon an individual’s psyche further compels the continuous reassessment of these facets.

In this tireless quest, I become the vantage point for my own exploration, a crucible wherein the veracity of the world’s construct is rigorously tested.

Throughout the presentation of my research, I eschew confinement to any singular medium, technique, or artistic form. Guided by the principles of succinctness and pictorial lucidity, I disseminate my revelations to the discerning observer, who becomes an implicit collaborator in the realization of these insights.

About Me

I am a multidisciplinary artist who has embarked on diverse artistic pursuits, continuously seeking fresh perspectives to interpret the world. Born in Moscow, I relocated to Sweden at the age of 18. At 22,

I began honing my craft in silver, eventually receiving formal training in goldsmithing. Today, I own and operate Ateljé AgAu, my personal workshop. I gained recognition for my minimalist jewelry designs. The success paved the way for the launch of my own design brand, Siska Design.

 My artistic journey has led me to showcase my work in various countries and exhibit in esteemed galleries and prominent art fairs. I’ve had the privilege of presenting my collections to retailers in prestigious institutions like the Museum of Modern Art in New York, the British Academy of Art, the Swedish Museum of Modern Art, and the Swedish National Museum. Noteworthy achievements include thrice consecutively designing the “Jewel of the Year” award for the latter, alongside crafting two Valentine’s Day collections and the exclusive “Timeless” collection.

This juncture marked the inception of my profound fascination with the concept of time, which resonates through my photography, paintings, and, of course, my jewelry designs. The synthesis of minimalistic forms and vibrant hues triggers a sense of marvel, revealing the joy and undercurrents of humor that infuse my work’s technical finesse, ranging from delicate pieces to more monumental silver creations.  I’ve encapsulated my style as “Laconic,” embodying a minimalist and austere approach to creativity.

As a conceptual artist, I engage with diverse themes and materials. Over more than two decades, I’ve actively participated in the international art scene, often gracing contemporary art biennials. I’ve also assumed curator roles for specialized projects within these platforms. The creation of expansive sculptures for public spaces is an endeavor that captivates my imagination.

My artistic repertoire further extends to encompass photography, drawing, and videography. In the past six months, I’ve found a creative home as a member of STUDIO44 and have established the non-profit art association DUO Contradiction.