Video Art
Duration: 5 minutes

Originally created for the “Legend of Time” project under the curation of Barbara Steiff, this artwork was first displayed at Sargans Schloss in Sargans, Switzerland in September 2013. It was also exhibited at the Dada-festival in Costa Rica in October 2013 and as part of the “High-Touch” exhibition at CSI Sokol in Moscow, Russia in June 2014. Throughout the entire video sequence, the artist endeavors to transmit her inner thoughts to the audience using telepathy. While her message is conveyed silently, she employs various techniques to explore her inner monologue. This includes presenting herself, silently repeating a phrase with a sense of urgency, posing private questions to the viewer, and even reciting a piece of poetry. The underlying concept is to establish a connection with another person that transcends the limitations of language and the concrete definitions of words.