Project  4EYES

In cooperation with Maria Koshenkova as Artist-in-residency program Gallery Typography
Krasnodar Institute of Contemporary Art, Krasnodar, Russia, 2014

“Everyday objects so familiar and quite boring at times, can suddenly become irreplaceable.
All of these teapots, brooms, slippers, cloth, vacuum cleaners, and alarm clocks surround us, and occupy all the free space with their forms.
We forget about their presence unless something got broken.
Then immediately throwing it away and hurry up to buy a new household item.
Two Scandinavian artists: Maria Koshenkova, Denmark and Ekateerina Sisfontes, Sweden,
propose to revise this practical vision of the ordinary things and materials. Refract the angle
of approach to them and get on their level, to review their compliance that so organically surrounds us.”