In cooperation with Maria Koshenkova as an Artist-in-residency program Gallery Typography
Krasnodar Institute of Contemporary Art, Krasnodar, Russia

Everyday objects, often mundane and unremarkable, have the remarkable ability to swiftly transform into irreplaceable entities. Teapots, brooms, slippers, cloth, vacuum cleaners, alarm clocks – this miscellany envelops us, commandeering available space with their varied contours. Their presence fades into the background until an unforeseen fracture jars our consciousness. In response, the reflex is swift: disposal followed by swift acquisition of a replacement. In this rhythm, we navigate the cycle of these domestic accouterments. Scandinavian artists Maria Koshenkova from Denmark and Ekaterina Sisfontes from Sweden, united by a shared vision, propose a reconsideration of this utilitarian perspective that these everyday items often inhabit.