Room Without Number

joint project with Andriy Bazyuta (Ukraine)
Gips, sensors, sound, light

Dukley Art Community, Montenegro
Curator: Marat Guelman

Schizophasia, commonly recognized as word salad, encompasses a perplexing and frequently repetitive linguistic expression prevalent in various mental disorders. It manifests as an intricate interweaving of words bereft of coherent meaning or discernible correlation.

Extensive introspection, coupled with observations of fellow denizens on this planet, has led the authors to a pivotal realization: at times, the logical underpinnings of our thoughts unravel into an illogical tapestry when extracted from the context of our personal lives.

Evident in the discourse of political figures, medical professionals, philosophers, and those grappling with schizophasia alike, is a stark similarity. This observation precipitates a deeper inquiry into the human condition, unveiling an intriguing disjunction between spoken language, professed values, and authentic interpersonal predicaments.

While this phenomenon might not be entirely detrimental, the lucid gap in logical progression within our communication beckons further contemplation. Thus, we are compelled to delve deeper into these perceptible chasms that punctuate our discourse, inviting a nuanced discourse on their implications.