Public-Art Object
Iron, Acrylic
Almaty, Kazakstan

900 x 900 x 250 cm
Amidst the frantic pace of our daily hustle, we grapple with processing information at breakneck speed. As the world’s tempo accelerates, we find ourselves entangled within a fresh symbolic framework. Yet, these contemporary symbols, distinct markers of our era, sharply diverge from the archaic heraldic imagery of old. Today’s ‘icons of life’ are exemplified by the emblematic lettering of brands like McDonald’s and Dolce and Gabbana, the recognizable comma of Nike, or the iconic restroom figures denoting genders. Unbeknownst to many, our minds are in a perpetual state of generating images, an innate mechanism employed to structure the ceaseless influx of information from our surroundings. In my own creative journey, these graphic symbols are interwoven within a linear narrative, mirroring the cadence of daily routines. As an artist, I engage in a silent dialogue with the viewer, conversing through these visions that bear my personal symbolism. Comprising nine iron sculptures forged within a local ironsmith workshop, this installation is a visual symphony. Each substantial symbol is interconnected upon a circular platform, inviting the observer to stand at its core. In this moment of contemplation, the intricate interplay of these symbols is unveiled, converging into a composite barcode encapsulating the intricacies of daily existence.