Archetypes of Subconscious


 IV International Festival av Public Art ARTBAT FEST 2013

Almaty, Kazakstan
Curator: Daria Pyrkina
Iron, Soldering, Enamel

In the daily stampede, we have to take in the information at lightning speed.
Increasing the rate of the world around us, we fall into a new symbolic system.
However, the characters, which are evident for our time, are fundamentally different from the old heraldic images.

New ‘icons of life’ are for example the branded letters of McDonald’s and Dolce and Gabbana;
a well-known comma of Nike; shades of a boy and a girl on the toilet door.
In addition, we are unaware that our brain continuously draws pictures in order
to organise information from the surrounding world

In my case, those are the graphic images linearly embedded in the cycle referring to a daily live routine.
An artist communicates with the viewer as well by visions made of his personal symbols.
This installation consists of nine iron sculptures made in a local smith workshop.
Those huge symbols connected with each other by round platform,
standing in the centre of it the viewer becomes aware that the instead of
simplifying communication all these symbols becoming to a barcode of daily life.