Since 2009, I’ve been composing a unique form of rhymed messages that might not fit the traditional definition of Poetry, yet still offers a delightful and unexpected experience. While the majority of these poetic pieces are written in Russian, there are a few in English and Swedish as well. The selection provided here is just a small sample, but if you’re intrigued, you’re welcome to explore my YouTube channel for future updates and your own enjoyment.

The universe is filled with endless Questions
but no answers, that were really worth to find
the loneliness has broken our planet
by borders in two hundred smaller parts

And we read all the messages in Bible
and visit the bizarre booth of the World Wide Web
the world has fucked our assholes with a greatness
We managed to betrayal it after that

And the desire to be one among the equals
has got us to a permanent collapse
we pay with all our spare time and feelings
for doubtful pleasure spewing into someone else heart