Da Da Vinci

Plexiglas, laser cutting, ready maid

Limited edition of 5
Ekaterina Sisfontes "Da Da Vinci"

In commemoration of the centenary of the emergence of Dadaism, and with a desire to underscore the temporal interconnection facilitated by art, the creation known as Dada Vinci embodies kinetic attributes. It simultaneously invokes the allure of the golden ratio and evokes the original irrationality inherent in the manifestation of artistic objects. The artist is steadfast in the belief that the foundational impetus driving creativity remains constant, irrespective of the eventual outcome.

This artifact has taken part in the 5th Baltic Biennale in 2016 at the New Museum in St. Petersburg, Russia, in addition to being featured in the “Windows” exhibition at the Zverevs Center of Modern Art in Moscow, Russia.

Since July 2018, this piece has become an integral component of the collection housed at Gallery Cogito, situated within the precincts of Lomonosov Moscow State University, Russia.