Public Art object “Eclipse”

In July 2018 I was invited together with Elena Shipitsina, the director of the Ekaterinburg Gallery of Modern Art, to supervise the exhibition – contest 
LomoSphere in a small industrial town Polevskoy, located near the Ural mountains in Russia.
The competition was supposed to be carried out from works created by ordinary metallurgical workers using scrap metal.
We had to help and direct the creative impulse and, based on the results of the work done, combine the exhibition on the territory of the Severnaya Domna Museum.
Personally, I was also offered to create my own indicative object on the warehouse site for scrap metal from random material.
This object – the result of successful discoveries and creative improvisation – was compiled by me and my assistant in three days.
The form of the object is inspired by such natural phenomena as solar and moon eclipse.

The Eclipse sculpture has a height of about 6 meters and weighing about half a ton.
At the end of the exhibition and competition, my object is supposed to be located on the territory of the city. So until then it is still a work in progress

Public Art Obejct ECLIPCE
Public Art Obejct ECLIPCE
Public Art Obejct ECLIPCE
Photo: Vladislav Burnashev