Nowhere To Go

Acrylic on cardboard

The project was made for Utan Skinn exhibition in Gallery Rostrum, Malmö, Sweden
as part of the Studio44 exhibition
The second time is shown in Östra Gymnasiet produced by Kulturföreningan Lyktan
The project was made with the help of FOLK I SKÄRHOLMEN


Housing is a place of peace and confidence for a person to a large extent. A place we can call home.

The home generalizes the place of residence with the place of belonging. This is both personal comfort and an address for receiving mail. We store clothes and memory artifacts there. At home, we prepare our own meals of choice and can shower or bathe at our own discretion.
You can call people home and have a party. At home, you can clean up or leave the trash on the floor, whichever is more convenient for you.

You can share the home with your loved one and raise children in your own territory. You can also live alone at home.
Under the word home can hide an apartment rented temporarily, a hotel room rented for a vacation, a private castle with a swimming pool on the seashore, a tiny room in a communal apartment, a student apartment for half the price, and also temporarily. All this can become a once’s home.

Having lost this place of own strength, a person is called homeless for a reason, as this is the main word that determines its position in the world.
Financial collapse, protracted illness, divorce from a spouse, deceit, war…
There are many reasons to lose your home, and there is often no turning back. Insecurity, skinlessness, and hopelessness are signs of losing a home.
This is what the conversation is about.