A total Installation

presented together with Lena Kolenka Rammi as a joint installation at the exhibition

INSOMNIA at Studio44 (Stockholm, Sweden)

February 2023


The anxiety of never being on time. Be awake when you are sleepy. Wake up in the middle of the night out of fear that you’ve forgotten something important. Fall asleep again and end up in the same place again.
Forget the small child at a train station. Although all the children are already grown up and gone.
Forgetting to pay an important bill could mean you lose your home. Or get rid of all the keys.
Be late for the train, plane, car, boat…
Wake up and believe it’s real.
Over and over again


We are seven artists, all members of Studio44 – an artist-run gallery in the middle of Stockholm, Sweden,
who in a row of meetings investigated our experiences of insomnia and sleeplessness.

Our bodies are biologically prepared to sleep at night, among other things the sleep-
hormone melatonin occurs in the darkness of night. The opposite of insomnia is
narcolepsy – falling uncontrollably asleep. Belonging to sleep disorder, and parasomnia,
are nightmares and sleepwalking.

We can all find ourselves in the circumstance or “places” of insomnia for different reasons.
Feelings of distortion, yes, is a method of torture to keep a human being awake, without
sleep you go mad. Our thoughts and feelings change in size and form, sentiments get into
unstoppable loops, and our body limbs except for the brain, hot from activity.

But insomnia can also be an entrance to creativity, and euphoria, when not prolonged.
We just barely escaped the covid pandemic, reasons for worry and sleeplessness are
manyfold just to mention climate change and the meaningless war in Ukraine.
We take comfort in the belief that Mother Earth will survive, but what about us humans?