Iron, Plexiglas, digital print.
Size 120 x 120 x 50 cm.
Model: Vlad Lvov

Is part of the art collection of Gallery Cogito,
Faculty of Philosophy at Moscow University
Moscow, Russia

These series of photos, taken every three seconds, were created as part of the “InTime” Project, a collaboration between Sergei Katran and myself. These images were displayed in exhibitions in St. Petersburg in 2010 and Moscow in 2012.

We often underestimate how much we can accomplish in a single second. Take a moment to observe your own movements. How long does it actually take you to raise your hand, sit on a chair, or scratch your nose? As we become more familiar with these actions, our usual perception of them becomes automatic and less attention-grabbing.

However, only newborn infants still possess the ability to fully concentrate on the process of moving in the vast expanse of time that a single second presents for learning.