A Second

Photo-Installation A SECOND

This sequence of photos taken at three second intervals were made for the “InTime” Project,
in cooperation with Sergei Katran . They had already been exhibited in 2010 in St.Petersburg and in 2012 in Moscow.

Iron, Plexiglas, digital print. Model: Vlad Lvov. Size 120 x 120 x 50 cm. Weight: 20 kg.

How much can we get done within a second – we do not know. Pay attention to you movements.
How long does it take you to raise your hand, sit down on a chair, scratch your nose?
Routine perception of motions ceases to catch your attention once you’ve mastered their mechanism.
Only new born infants are still able to devote all their attention to the process of moving in space of an infinitely long second of learning.