Made for various reasons and with various participators

Video of Performance by Zurab Rtveliashvili
made in Theatre Giljotin, Stockholm, Sweden, September 2014

Artist: Zurab Rtveliashvili
Percussian: Mohammad Safari
Uppright bass: Per Hellgren
Camera: Alice Ilmenska
Montage: Ekaterina Sisfontes

Promotional video made for Museum of Worlds Money Russia, 2014

A song by Ebbot Lundberg.
Video is made on GoPro camera in
Teater Giljotin, Stockholm, Sweden, 2014

“Sometimes things live their own life… Just let them do that!”
Director and idea: Ekaterina Sisfontes
Camera: Elena (Kolenka) Rammi
Music: Sample Pirates, live
Stockholm, Sweden, 2011